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Spa services are available year-round in the Frost Creek Spa for club members. We have 6 treatment rooms available with massage therapy, Thai yoga massage, reflexology, chromotherapy, sound healing/energy healing and quantum biofeedback.  


If you are a non-member and interested in services, please reach out to Carrie. While some services are specific to Frost Creek, other services can be offered in Eagle and even remotely.

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Description of Services


Feel Better Massage

Traditional Swedish massage with light to firm pressure to ease muscle tension and promote relaxation.

60 min  | 75 min  | 90 min

Go Deep Massage

Deeper pressure applied and trigger point work to break up scar tissue and address injury to promote a pain-free body. If you want more than a firm amount of pressure, this is the massage for you.

60 min  | 75 min  | 90 min

Hot Stone Massage

Warm stones placed on the body and used during the massage to help melt away muscle tension. The hot stones deliver a deep sense of warmth.

60 min  | 75 min  | 90 min


Performed on a cushioned mat on the floor, the client remains fully clothed. Assisted yoga postures combined with gentle muscle compression, percussion, passive and active stretching, rocking, shaking and feathering and helps improve circulation, remove energy blocks, increase range of motion, promote relaxation and recovery.
75 minutes


Gemstone Facial Massage

Using high-quality gemstone facial Gua Sha and Rollers, this facial massage helps to ease tension, stress, and promotes lymphatic drainage. Improves circulation and skin tone, reduces puffiness, and smooths the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Leave with a fresh, rosy complexion.

15 minutes - perfect as an add-on service



The luxurious foot soak includes Himalayan salts, minerals and essential oils and ends with a 15 minute foot reflexology treatment. You can book two people to do this treatment together.

30 minutes 


Skip the foot soak and add a head massage and gua sha facial massage treatment to your foot reflexology treatment.

30 minutes


You will be carefully instructed on the practice of Abhyanga (self-oil massage) prior to enjoying a 20 minute private steam with the spa locker room to yourself. The steam aids the nourishing oils to penetrate into the skin, leaving you feeling moisturized from the dry Colorado climate and resulting in an even body temperature.
30 minutes  |  dry brush add-on.


Promoting the body/mind connection. 90 minute session of massage with integrated sounding healing using tuning forks and ending with a crystal bowl healing meditation.
90 minutes


Biofeedback works with subtle energy and the quantum field to balance the mind, body and spirit. A comprehensive assessment indicates very specific areas of stress affecting various systems, organs, muscles, nerves, emotions, meridians, chakras, hormones, and so much more. Stimulate the body's natural healing mechanisms by "feeding back" these individual electromagnetic vibrational frequencies and freeing up energy in the body to restore vitality and harmony in the mid/body/spirt. This session can be done in person or remotely.

Initial Session, 90 min

Follow Up Session, 60 min
Children/Pets, 45 min

Tune Up Session, 30 min



Reiki is the gentle placement of the hands on (or above) the body to unblock stuck energy in the body. Reiki can relieve pain in the body, promote healing and balance the chakras (energy centers of the body).

60 minutes


Crystal Healing Reiki

Your Reiki session is combined with crystal healing therapy to enhance the flow of energy. Learn about the healing properties of incorporating crystals into your life. Crystals are placed on the chakras and around the body during the session. Your session includes a biofeedback scan of which crystals align the most with your energy!

60 minutes


Chromotherapy is light therapy to align the chakras (energy centers) of the body. Vogel crystals are placed over the body and used to amplify the energy delivery of light impulses over the body. You will listen to brainwave entrainment music during the session with a guided meditation. You may experience subtle shifts in your energy with warm/cold sensations, tingling, states of restfulness and more. Each person responds to energy work in different ways.
30 minutes


Signature Gong Session

This powerful sound journey is designed to connect you to the deepest part of you. Most clients describe it as feeling like being "home". You will begin by standing in a giant singing bowl to root and ground your energy. Carrie is intuitively guided how to play the gong specifically for you- it is never the same for any two people. Discover information like your soul purpose, soul essence, entities surrounding you, energy imbalances and so much more.

The gong is followed with a master singing bowl healing session to align your energy and receive further guidance. This is truly a unique journey that your soul is waiting for you to show up for YOU!


Intuitive Gong Session

This is booked as an add-on to another service to include an individual intuitive gong session. This is the Signature Gong Session minus the sound healing that follows.

Add-on to any other booked treatment. Approx 20 min.

Group Sound Healing

Book up to 4 people for a group sound healing with master singing bowls and individual intuitive gong sessions. If you have more than 4 people in your group, please discuss with Carrie to book appropriately.


Master Singing Bowl Session

Enjoy the pure resonance of healing master singing bowls placed on the body- in alignment with the chakras- and around the subtle energy field. These antique bowls range from 100-250 years old with a 400 year old tingsha from a Tibetan monk. It's a total body recalibration!

30 minutes

Crystal Singing Bowl Session

The sound waves can help to release trapped emotions, quiet an overactive mind, melt away stress and overwhelm, promote peace and calm, recalibrate your energy centers (chakras) and activate your parasympathetic nervous system for rest and relaxation.
Available for a group setting. Please inquire.


Tuning Fork Healing

When activated, tuning forks produce a healing frequency applied to the body with a weighted tuning fork or used in the energy field using an unweighted tuning fork. Restore the flow of energy in your body and subtle body.

60 minutes


Carrie's connection to the spirit realm continues to get stronger and stronger. What started as picking up subtle signs and symbols has grown into telepathic channeling. While everyone has psychic abilities, not all psychics are mediums, but all mediums are psychic. As a psychic medium, Carrie has the ability to connect to those who have passed from this physical existence into the spirit realms.

It is called mediumship because those in spirit must lower their vibration in order to connect in the physical realm, and we must lift our vibration in the physical realm in order to "meet them in the middle".


Everyone can learn how to connect to receive messages. Carrie is here to help guide and teach you how to tune in to subtle messages you might be missing. Chances are, if your interest is piqued here, your loved one is already in the process of working with Carrie to get those messages to you. That's the way it works!

Please inquire as this service is booked by mutual agreement based on your relationship to Carrie as she does not open herself up to just any random energies.


QHHT® is a powerful hypnosis technique developed by Dolores Cannon to access the all knowing part of ourselves that has been called The Higher Self. Using past life regression techniques, QHHT® enables the client to receive deep levels of healing on many levels - from physical ailments, disease and discomfort, to emotional traumas, allergies, phobias and more. This is a profound healing experience. If you really want to get to the root of a physical or emotional ailment/issue/blockage, there's nothing quite like a QHHT® session. Due to the time commitment for a session, please inquire about availability.
4-5 hour session


Enjoy the benefits of a private guided meditation package tailored to suit your interests.
30 minutes


Strength, flexibility, stability, mobility and endurance focused.


Individual Sessions (1-2 people)

Personalized workouts and instruction to meet your fitness goals.


Private Group (3 to 12 people) 

Private instruction customized to suit the needs and levels of the group. Great for team building.

Free Fitness Programs

7-day, 14-day Challenges

Check the "Courses" tab.

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