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Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Yoga

Match movement and breath in this flow class intelligently sequenced to open, stretch, strengthen and explore how your body moves, holds onto energy and releases tension. Work through the 5 elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space to experience a practice deeply rooted in yoga philosophy with care for the body and expansion for the mind. Invigorating, sometimes challenging, variations are offered to advance your practice. Modifications are available to take it down a notch or nurse an injury. Leave the mat feeling refreshed and restored, rather than depleted. This is a beginner to advanced level class.

Barre is a combination of ballet, yoga and Pilates. Small controlled movements, isometric holds and high repetitions work to sculpt long, lean muscles. With focus on accessory muscles to help support the larger muscle groups, you will find increased balance, strength and stability. This class is performed at a ballet barre, either barefoot or with barre socks for added grip. Props include 2-5 pound dumbbells, resistance bands, gliders and Pilates balls. This is a beginner to advanced level class with modifications to make it easier and variations to make it more challenging. Barre is a low-to-no impact workout.


Developed by Izumi Tabata, PhD, in Japan for the Olympic speed skating team, Tabata consists of  body weight exercises (think squats, lunges, push ups, mountain climbers, burpees) at high intensity intervals pushing above your lactate threshold for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of recovery. 20′ work + 10′ rest x 8  = 1 Tabata Round. Make aerobic gains and increase anaerobic capacity and BMR (basal metabolic rate) to burn calories long after this HIIT class. This is a beginner to advanced level class. Beginners are of course welcome- feel free to add more rest or cut down on rounds you first few Tabata workouts. You’ll advance in no time!



Get back to your roots. Create more body awareness through free form movement. You started moving in this world low to the ground- crawling by moving opposite hand, opposite foot, and rotating your hips. Once you hit the ground walking and running, most of your movement patterns reduced to one plane of movement: the sagittal plane, which is movement forward and backward. In Primal, we will work all three planes of motion: sagittal (forward/backward), frontal (lateral movements) and transverse (rotation). Many of the movements in Primal are patterned after movements you’ll find in nature. Expect to mimic the movement of bears, gorillas, cranes, frogs, ducks, chameleons, trees, creeks and more. After about 3 classes, you’ll be surprised how much the range of motion in your body increases. The HIIT component of this class loads the primal movement patterns with intensity and repetition to etch the movement into your new natural flow. Through better movement, you’ll reduce your risk of injury and feel the benefit in everyday activities like squatting down to pick something up from the ground, reaching out to grab something and easily catching yourself when you fall out of balance. This is an intermediate to advanced level class.


Mobility & Strength - Fine Tune

This is the perfect start to the day to ease into movement with stretching, balance training and mobility at the core. Learn how the body moves fluidly with 30 minutes of fine tune stretching, range of motion and mobility moves and techniques. Then, transition into 30 minutes of strength training and incorporating mobility picked up from the first part of class. You’ll come out of this class feeling more freedom of movement in the body; ready to take your ninja-like moves into your everyday life. Beginner to advanced level class.



Take your workouts to the next level by properly tending to the body through restorative practices. In Restore, you’ll fully support the body with props such as blocks, bolsters and blankets to calm the nervous system. Release blocked energy with a series of guided postures. Move into work with foam rollers, tennis balls, straps and other props to release and transform stuck energy patterns in the body to keep the flow of chi, or life force, flowing freely. This is a beginner to advanced level class.


We are integrating the best of stability and mobility training to create a class called Mobilize. Stabilize by learning to engage your core and bring some softness to the joints. Mobilize by bringing it all together moving your joints through full range of motion. Incorporate stretching to gain flexibility. This is a beginner to intermediate level class.


Grab a pair of boxing gloves, sparring mitts and a partner for this fun high intensity circuit style class. Use a weighted jump rope to further tone the arms or use an imaginary jump rope and skip to the beat. Options to modify or amplify! This is a beginner to advanced level class.

Quick HIIT

Our newest quick 20 minute cardio/strength class designed in sets of strength moves combined with high intensity cardio moves. Hold on, this one goes fast! Dumbbells are required: one light set, one medium set. Suggested female: 3-5lb & 8-12lb. Suggested male: 10-15lb & 20-30lb. Beginner to advanced level class.


All bodyweight Tabata style workout. Bodyweight moves such as pushups, squats, mountain climbers, burpees in a 2:1 ratio of work:rest. Intervals of 40sec effort followed by 20sec rest.


Time to biohack your wellness and recovery routine. This is a sign-up only class for a limited number of people. You'll rotate stations for red light therapy, PEMF therapy, myofascial release, percussive therapy, chromotherapy and more. Great grounding benefits, enhanced mitochondrial ATP production, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, helps build collagen, speeds wound healing, reduces inflammation and joint pain.

Qi Gong

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner balance with our Qi Gong class. Qi Gong, an ancient Chinese practice, combines gentle movement, breath-work, and meditation to promote harmony between mind, body and spirit. In this outdoor class, you'll learn fundamental Qi Gong exercises designed to cultivate vital energy (Qi), enhance flexibility and promote overall well-being. Through guided movements and focused breathing techniques, you'll experience a profound sense of relaxation, stress relief and increased vitality. Suitable for all levels, this class offers a serene space to connect with nature, reconnect with yourself and tap into the transformative power of Qi Gong.

We will meet on the event pad above the driving range. For the added benefit of grounding* our practice, we will begin our practice barefoot on the grass. Bring water and please be prepared for a short 10 minute walk down to the river and back.

*Grounding, also known as earthing, refers to the practice of connecting with the Earth's surface by walking barefoot, sitting or lying down directly on the ground. Some potential benefits of grounding include: reduced inflammation, improved sleep, stress reduction, enhanced mood, increased energy levels, better circulation, balanced autonomic nervous system, enhanced immune function.

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