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Quantum Biofeedback

Stress Managment & Self-Healing

Our bodies were designed to handle small bursts of stress- like running away from a chasing lion- rather than the 24/7 stressors we are exposed to on a daily basis. All dis-ease in the body is the result of this accumulated stress.

Our Professional Biofeedback System identifies areas of stress in your body, mind and spirit and initiates self-healing through frequency. With 39 different panels to access, across 7,000 different test signals, the possibilities are nearly endless!

Quantum Biofeedback: Sevices
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Everything found in, on, under and above the universe has its own unique energy vibration. Energy moves impulses like waves. How close together the waves are is called "frequencies" (i.e. how frequently the wave occurs). This range of frequencies is called the electromagnetic spectrum. The more positive the energy of any given matter, the closer the frequencies. The more negative the energy of any given matter, the wider the frequency pattern. We are electromagnetic static beings with frequency patterns that have resonance, reactance and self-correcting capacities.

Resonant Frequency

Every molecule and atom in this universe is vibrating at a particular frequency. Resonant frequency would be considered the specific frequency of that particular object or atom. Once you know the resonant frequency of an object or an atom, you can amplify its waves, making it so big that eventually it will break or destroy this object. When we enter the quantum field, we are working on an atomic level, rather than physical matter. 


Scientists have discovered that energy travels at 130,200,000 miles per second. Each cell in the body operates at a certain vibrational frequency. An adult human has over 100 trillion cells. Each cell holds over six gigabytes of memory. That's a pretty large hard drive! There are at least 6 billion steps of DNA in a single cell that record one's life blueprint. Together, these frequencies form an energy pattern unique to each individual. It is your personal distinctive thumbprint, or address in the universe. Every human thought, emotion and action has a unique vibrational energy pattern. Viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, diseases, etc. all have resonant energy patterns. 


Origin of Disease and Disorders

Long before disease shows up on any of our tests, we begin to find that there is an aberrant vibrational signal within the energy field of the body. Every feeling, thought and emotion we experience sends a message to each cell in our body. Each cell is affected either negatively or positively. Stress produces erratic vibrations that lead to disharmony; followed by injury and disease (the body's first signal that all is not well is vibrational or electromagnetic).


Stress can come from many sources such as an emotion, toxicity, trauma, deficiency, perverse energy, pathogens, allergy, habits, hereditary and mental factors. As the stress continues, the disease progresses.  


Tip of the Iceberg

Excess stress is the pathway to disease. If the stress continues, the body will go into an adaptive action stage that is symptom-free. A lack of symptoms is not a sign of good health. A client can have a life-threatening disease and be symptom-free. The body is 40-60% involved in the disease when a symptom occurs.


Remember the Titanic? It was the great unsinkable ship. It seemed impervious to the sea, but on the fourth day of its journey, about 375 miles south of Newfoundland, it hit an iceberg. It was what the crew felt was a glancing blow. There would be some damage to the hull. There would be some damage to the bow and to the deck area, but beneath the surface of the water was the massive, unseen bottom of the iceberg that actually crushed the hull and caused it to split in half. Ultimately, the lives of 1500 people were taken by what was unseen..what was beneath the surface.


It's important to understand that just because there is not a symptom, there are things taking place beneath the surface. This is what our biofeedback system is looking for; those changes in vibration, those stress potentials that lie beneath the surface. Disease can be present in the body years before any medical device can detect it. For example, cancer cells divide every 100 days. Therefore, it may be four to six years before cancer will be exposed on a mammogram. Therapies that suppress symptoms and forcefully act upon the body's functions, interrupt or block the body's signals that there is a serious imbalance. Rather than making symptoms go away, the goal is to assist the body in self-regulating; actively organizing its functions to maintain a dynamic balance in order to restore proper function. 


Getting to the Bottom of It

Each session is unique because the body guides the session according to its own wisdom. The focus is on health and adaptation, not disease and pathology. This is very, very important. It is very important to understand that healing starts in shifting mental and emotional understanding. Our system facilitates balance through energetic intervention using biofeedback and bio resonance to stimulate the body's own healing mechanism. It also fosters balance of stressors, integrates the mind and the body, stimulates awareness and self-responsibility.


How it Works

An evoked potential biofeedback device records subtle reactive informational stress potentials, provided by the client, during the assessment procedure. The computer evaluates such responses and then challenges the individual with that information by feeding it back to the client. This process merely assists the body's own natural defense mechanisms by encouraging energetic balance and harmony. 


Our advanced electrophysiological biofeedback device measures impedance, amperage, voltage, capacitance, inductance, and frequencies. Most energetic devices only offer one way therapy. Our biofeedback system gives and receives signals. It also evaluates and changes the signal for return to the body.

  • It is a totally unbiased system; independent of subtle muscle control.

  • Employs a direct five point harness system or pad for in-person sessions, or can be used remotely in metaspace function with the client located anywhere in the world.

  • The reactivity matrix obtains a response to over 7,000 items in less than seven minutes. 

  • 39 panels or categories to examine for the most comprehensive wellness outlook.

  • Stress response information is calculated in seconds.

  • Empowers the client to identify underlying causative factors.

  • It is safe, non-invasive, powerful and designed for simplicity of use.

  • 20+ years of research conducted in the field of bioenergetic and bio resonance medicine. 

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A sampling of the panels available to explore in your session:

Acu-Meridian: Meridians are the body's healing energy pathways.

Allergy: Potential sensitivities and allergy imbalances.

Aging-Miasms: DNA stress factors & age level the body is functioning/responding energetically.

Ayurveda: Ancient healing system based on doshas.

Biofeedback/Gemstones: Fractal images & identifying gemstone energy vibration needed for balancing.

Bones: Biospecific stress & anatomical

Brain: Brain waves, hemisphere energetic imbalances (also ADD/ADHD stress potential).

Chromosomes & Gene: Genetic imbalance or genetic potential for stress.

Circulation/Heart: Biospecific stress & anatomical.

Color/Chakra: Stress potential on the energy centers of the body & aura color.

Cosmetic: Thinning hair, skin lesions, facial toning, skin detox, cellulite, weight control.

Dental: Stressors related to individual teeth, dental material or dental disorder including TMJ

Detox: Environmental & Industrial, Pathogens, Personal & Self-Induced Stress Factors.

Digestive: Biospecific stress & anatomical

Dimensional: Past life portal influencing current energy & 12 dimension transcendence program.

Ears/Eyes: Biospecific stress & anatomical.

Emotional Transformation/Timeline: Stress factors by emotion/conflict/relationship/age.

Hormone: Balance for male specific or female specific hormones.

Iridology: Patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris reveal systemic health.

Lymph: Biospecific stress & anatomical.

Muscles: Biospecific stress & anatomical (includes muscles, cartilage, ligaments, joints, tendons).

Nerves: Biospecific stress & anatomical.

Neuro-Emotional Profile: Unconscious Self-Evaluation Hint & Underlying Emotions.

Organs: Potential stress of individual organs and glands.

Respiratory: Biospecific stress & anatomical.

Rife Frequencies

Sinus/Throat: Biospecific stress & anatomical.

Spinal: Potential stress of individual vertebra.

Sport Injury: Biospecific & Injury/Trauma (including concussion, strain, dislocation, fracture).
Timed Specific: Search specific conditions, symptoms including releasing effects of chemotherapy, radiation and meditations.

Vitamins/Minerals: Potential stress of individual nutrients of minerals, amino acids and vitamins.

Identify and balance: allergens, bacteria, parasites, fungi, heavy metals, toxins, viruses and so many more hidden stressors.

Disclaimer: The system is designed to be used as a Bio-feedback, Stress Management and Muscle Relaxation Device. It is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat or cure disease. Also, biofeedback technology personnel do not diagnose, treat, prescribe or claim to cure any disease. Clients are advised that they should consult their own medical professionals for the diagnosis, care and treatment of all health conditions.

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What to Expect From Your Session

Your body has a high speed semi-conductive electronic network. Within this electronic network is a highly sophisticated electromagnetic field that represents and communicates with each and every organ system in the body and maintains a coherent communication between the cells, organs and all body systems. The system works with this network to rebalance all areas of the body and restore the integrity of the electromagnetic field.


Initial Session:

Following the client intake, the system will calibrate to your energy field, geopathic stressors are addressed, and a comprehensive scan of over 7,000 indicators in the body will run for approximately 4-7 minutes. That data is received on a scale of 1-100 with acute (sudden onset) conditions at the top of the list and chronic (long-term ailments) towards the bottom- providing a pin-pointed roadmap of where stress is residing in your body and energy field.

The first session is a priming session to put your body in the most receptive state to receive the frequencies to achieve self-healing. This includes balancing the meridians, acu-points, adrenals, hypothalamus, pituitary gland and more. Based on your individual health goals, we will address the most critical underlying stressors and discuss follow up sessions. The initial session is approximately 90 minutes.


Follow-Up Sessions:

In your follow up sessions, a selection of specific frequencies are transmitted to release stress potentials and balance the identified traumas, illnesses and/or life-changing events. As the system sends you balancing frequencies, the identified stressors begin to release, and energy held in the cells and body-often for many years- is freed, creating a spacious environment for self-healing and inner peace. This quantum biofeedback process helps to calm the sympathetic nervous system, release emotional stress factors and relieve chronic patterns of pain, trauma and/or illness.


Follow-up sessions are 60 minutes and are focused on deepening the healing process initiated through the first session. It is recommended to start with 4 weekly sessions to allow time for the integration of the frequencies and a harmonization of the biological systems. Thereafter, most clients schedule biofeedback sessions according to their own needs and goals- whether weekly, monthly or as needed. 

Remote Sessions:

Both the assessment and frequency sequences are accomplished through the Metaspace function, using exact mathematic repetitions, through a recent photo of you and your personal data which is your unique bio-signature on this planet. What does that mean? We can work on you from anywhere with your specific location and details.


We understand this is leap to understand how exactly it works remotely, but it works! It is all based on an understanding of quantum physics. Think of it as sending an email: you don't have to understand how an email is transmitted to land in someone's mailbox, but when you hit send, you know it will get to the person. We've had great success balancing both acute and chronic conditions and indications from afar. It saves you time and is a convenient option for those who live elsewhere.

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