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What if you could have someone meditating and praying on your behalf, around the clock, sending positive affirmations, mantras and prayers out to the universe while you sleep and while take care of your day-to-day tasks?

Amplify is a subscription program offering 24/7 energy support to you, your home and even your pets.

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Image by Zac Durant

24/7 High-Consciousness Field to Support Your Energy

The quantum field is the state in which all possibilities exist. It is an invisible field of energy and information that you cannot perceive with your physical senses, yet everything is created in this unknown space. Your logic brain constantly takes you to past experiences- the known. When you open up to the unknown, you open up to infinite possibilities. 

In terms of manifesting (think of manifesting as co-creating with the quantum field), your energy has to match the vibration of what you want to access in the quantum field. You can’t draw in good health when you’re focused on your poor health. You can’t draw in abundance with feelings of unworthiness. It’s not a vibrational match.

How do you remain in that state of calling in higher vibrational frequencies when you're stressed, overwhelmed, tired or unmotivated? That's the slippery slope back to the comfort of the known...even if the known is really uncomfortable. When you return to the familiar of discomfort and lack, you draw in situations that help reinforce those beliefs.

Are you ready to hop off that endless merry-go-round?

Amplify is running 24/7 sending a steady stream of signals with your energetic imprint based on data we will collect from you. It is a completely safe, confidential and customizable platform to promote your personal expression, belief system(s) and intentions into the quantum field. 

Start with a FREE 14-day trial and notice the subtle shifts that occur with your energy, your home environment and even your pets.

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Amplify: Testimonials
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I have used a similar subscription service for over 3 years, but without the customizable feature that Amplify offers subscribers. I have noticed more consistent uplifting emotions since running Amplify on me, my home, my children and all 3 pets!



When you are experiencing subtle energy shifts, it is difficult to "see" the difference. You will more likely *feel* the difference. However, when my neighbors started asking why my plants looked so healthy compared to their plants, I felt like I had a secret weapon...

"Well, I have this signal on my home that sends a higher frequency, so I think it helps my plants grow."

My indoor plants are lush and vibrant with very little effort. When people visit my home, they almost always comment "it just feels good here". 



These ornamental grass plants were planted in the fall by the landscape company to replace some removed shrubs. Here is a photo on July 7th of the plants in my yard.


The same ornamental grass plants were planted in front of my neighbor's home- same conditions- and all are on irrigation drip. The neighbor's plants have failed to thrive. Photo July 7th



You can see the substantial growth in the plants photographed on June 7th and the July 7th photo.

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