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You Don't Have to Live with Pain

My big toe injury from November 2021 had not fully healed until November 2022. I caught my big toe on a fancy barre movement almost a full year prior. My big toe on my left foot caught the inside of my right knee while I was whipping it around in relevé. Toe stands were out of the question on my left foot. Even plank was hard to hold some days, so my right foot would hold most of my weight. Hiking aggravated it. Two weeks of trail running reduced me to a limp. Pilates revealed the weakness it was causing.

I had done plenty of massage on my foot, tuning forks, infrared light therapy. Why wasn't it getting better? As winter approached and I added more layers on my bed, on top of the weighted blanket, I thought I had figured out the more intense pain. Too much weight keeping my foot plantar-flexed all night? I repositioned my weighted blanket so my feet could poke out the end. That seemed to help a little.

Sometimes we live with injuries or aches for so long, we forget "it" or "they" can go away, or we forget about them in our laundry list of other stressors/ailments. I was running a Quantum Biofeedback on myself in November and decided to search "big toe" on the scan of 7,000 frequencies. Why hadn't I thought of doing that yet? I ran the frequencies that showed up in the chronic categories. Voila. My big toe hasn't bothered me since that session.

You don't have to live with pain. There's a frequency for that.

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