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What to Expect in a QHHT Session

You may have heard about QHHT from a friend, or your curiosity was sparked from an online group or YouTube video. It is wonderful that you followed the impulse to explore what QHHT can offer you. Trust these subtle hints urging you to the path of this truly beautiful healing modality.

The body is created to heal itself. If the mind is powerful enough to make you sick, it is also powerful enough to heal you.

I dedicate 4-5 hours of time for your session. When you arrive, we'll sit and have a casual interview so that I can learn about your current life, key relationships, important life events and happenings. We'll have time to review any questions you would like to address during your session. The second half is the hypnosis and will last for no more than 2 hours so that you can leave the session refreshed and ready to drive away safely. When I bring you out of the hypnosis, we will have time to review and discuss the session.

I will do a voice recording of the session for you. Please know, there is the possibility of technological glitches so my suggestion is that you don't let yourself get hung up on the recording. You are welcome to bring your own recording device or use your phone to record.

Drop Expectations

The number one thing I like to share with my clients is to go ahead and drop all expectations and preconceived notions of what you think your session might be, what you think might happen during the session or what you think you might "see". Relax into knowing that your Subconscious/Higher Self/Soul will take you exactly where you need to go in your QHHT session.

Hop into the Passenger Seat

Have you ever been the passenger along a route that you are most often the driver? Suddenly, you have the freedom to look around and see things in your periphery that you've likely missed when your eyes are glued on the road ahead of you. Imagine your Subconscious is in the driver's seat and you get to hop into the passenger seat with the view. Enjoy being the passenger with QHHT.

Your Guide

I guide hikes throughout the year, and while I've done some of the same trails dozens of times, each time I hike the same trail, it is a different hike. The scenery can change according to tree falls or rock slides or other natural occurrences- sometimes shifting the route- but the little detours keep hiking the same trails an interesting journey. Also, the dynamic of the group of hikers makes it a unique experience.

As your QHHT guide, I am trained to start you at the trail head, guide you to the top and back down safely. The scenes are different with every session that I guide, but the map is the same. The more I can get to know you in the interview, the better the questions I have to formulate during your session.

Everyone Can Be Hypnotized

You are not at a Las Vegas show; there is no snapping of my fingers with the words "and...sleep". You are conscious during the hypnosis. Everyone can be hypnotized. It is a natural state of the body to move through the 4 brain wave states. We will be working in the theta brain wave state. You are naturally in the theta state twice a day: right before you fully wake up and right before you fall asleep.

Beta: wide awake state

Alpha: light level trance (zoning out, naturally in and out of alpha throughout the day)

Theta: deepest level trance (very relaxed, aware)

Delta: sleep state


Trust that you will receive what you are intended to receive out of your QHHT session. All answers and healing reside within us. Any appropriate healing will continue in the days and weeks following a session. Additionally, you will receive more healing as you listen back to the recording. Your session is strictly confidential. You may share your experience with others, but I will not share without your consent.

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