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The Small Thing

I signed up for a mini-course called The Confident Soul. The mentor, Mariko Frederick of Soul Priority, had a near death experience and returned being able to see the assignment on other people's souls. I have been following Mariko on Instagram for a while and when she revealed this part of herself, I couldn't wait to hear more. "I wish I could do that," was one of my first thoughts. I'll liken it to being a child and watching a cartoon super hero with x-ray vision or the ability to fly. "I wish I could do that..."

I have been drawn to NDEs for quite some time, and by opening up to other people's NDEs, I was led to developing my intuitive abilities several years ago. I pay attention when I am drawn to something or something. I used to think things just worked out for me. Now I know it works out because I follow my intuition. I knew I would do work with Mariko at some point to explore the assignment on my soul. Specifically, could someone please narrow down my soul purpose for me? For the 3rd time, the question was turned back on me, "What do you like to do the most?" Oh, that answer again. I had to make fun of myself. 3rd time is the charm: Quit waiting for someone else to tell you!

I got right to work on an updated vision board. Copy, paste, Photoshop, Illustrator. My favorite things moved into place in a clockwise pattern; from sound healing to fitness to spa treatments and art projects. It was a vibe. A breath of fresh air. My ideal existence. As it spiraled into one coherent image, I saw a wellness center emerging. I tucked a copy between the two pillows on my bed. I would begin to manifest this wellness center. I know how image cycling works and how things start showing up. I decided if I tucked the printed vision board between my pillows, I'd be setting the intention for it to show up from dream to reality!

When Mariko instructed us to choose a small thing we wanted, I mentally scanned my vision board. I had selected an image of a gong session with participants in aerial yoga hammocks hanging like cocoons dropping from the ceiling. "Gong," I said confidently when it was my turn; feeling only partially convinced that it was weighted as the first thing on my list of wants. Mariko advised that we get the small thing now. Do it now. It's small. It's attainable. It's the small thing. I only needed to wait for the Denver Gem Show coming up in 2-3 weeks. My antique sound bowl dealer is usually there. I'd wait to get the right gong. He's been selling me antique master bowls for 3 years and I trust him.

Tok started by showing me a 250 year old master singing bowl. I wanted the bowl. "Yes. I'll take it," I said as I started to move around the tables of his tent. "Do I need a gong?" I asked. I felt like I'd get more use from another singing bowl. "Yes, you need a gong." He showed me a gong made of melted antique bowls, hand hammered with the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum. Before the gong had my full attention, Tok instructed me to step in the giant singing bowl at the base of the gong. As he struck the bowl, North-South-West-East, the vibration moved from the soles of my feet to my head and then he started playing the gong from behind the gong. It was like nothing I've ever experienced. "I'll take the gong. And the bowl. I'll take all 3." Walking to the parking lot to get my car to load my new instruments, I had a small moment of freak out when I reviewed the total of my purchases. "It's okay, it will flow back to me with ease."

Something magical happened last week with the gong. After 4 days of massages and 2 sound sessions, the gong had paid for itself. That was easy. The people who experienced the gong sessions were blown away. There was an immediate buzz about them, instant happiness. I wanted to give back, so I offered a mini session to every co-worker in the clubhouse- approximately 20 people across 4 departments, a vendor and even a few club members. As I led each person back to the spa, guiding them to remove their shoes, step into the bowl at its base and face the gong, I soon realized the gong began communicating with me- guiding me where to strike it with the mallet, which stroke to take next. It was different for each person who stepped in front of the gong. I could see their energy from behind the gong. The gong informed me as I played. I could see their soul purpose.

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