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The Eagle is the Messenger of Spirit

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

My clients ask if I have done a gong session on myself. While I have played the gong for myself, I hadn't yet tuned in to receive messages for myself. I was hesitant...would I block messages by my uncertainty to tune in for myself? Could I remain open without attempting to sway any information that comes through the gong? For those two reasons, I had made the decision to wait.

Last night I stepped into the standing singing bowl to ground my energy. "Again," I heard. I played it North, South, West, East. "Again.." until I had played it 4 times. When I play for a client, I have them stand in the bowl facing the gong. I ground their energy and then slip around to the back of the gong to be guided how to play the gong. I pay attention to where my gaze is drawn. I see images appear in the back of the gong as I play. Would l be able to see images from the front of the gong? The back is more like a blank canvas. The front has hand-etched "Om mani padme hum" encircling the entire gong.

The sounds coming from the gong were like nothing I had heard yet. I was imagining it was like the metal sound of the side of a spaceship. I smiled with the description that popped into my head. I heard "teacher" as my gaze moved and the idea followed..."teacher." I was tuned in. "You are a teacher. You are connected to eagle spirit. The eagle is the messenger of spirit. This is how you teach others."

I saw the image of an eagle appear in the crystal hanging above the gong. White head, dark body. The image of the eagle shifted to an image of an Indian chief profile and back to an eagle with the wings more in flight. I was playing the gong, all the while. Dragon energy appeared briefly to tie to it all together.

My connection to spirit has been very strong lately. I am continually being shown how everything is intentional, there are no coincidences. I am being shown how timelines shift- forward and backward- in order for connections to be made, so that I am able to deliver messages. This information comes to me in a flash and my mind has to whittle it down to understand how this all works...and it's fascinating! Synchronicities abound.

I live in Eagle, Colorado. I see eagles on my way to work. I pull up to work to a giant eagle statue every day. There is a bronze eagle at my desk. Is it shocking that I am connected to eagle spirit? My nickname as a child was "bird". I am an air sign and air dosha. My home is surrounded with feathers, arrows with feathers, and the wetlands behind me are filled with birds. I make/sell smudge fans. I've always felt connected to birds. I didn't make this message fit, the message fits the calling of my soul.

"You are a teacher. You are connected to eagle spirit. The eagle is the messenger of spirit. This is how you teach others."

The message that just came through (I often receive messages while I type by the same process I am able to receive while playing the gong...see the explanation further below*) is this:

"Your connection to spirit is always strong. It's your belief that has been very strong lately. That's the difference."

I'm here to deliver messages to others, to be a teacher to others, and no longer downplay or conceal my role, my purpose, my calling, my soul's work. That's what we are all being called to do right figure out our calling and get to work.

*The gong is a tool, an instrument, to help me receive messages. Is the gong delivering those messages? No, the gong plays off your energy and gives my conscious mind something to focus on, so the subconscious is able to connect. The gong seems to accelerate the connection for me more than other processes and modalities.

If you are curious about a gong session or would like to book, reach out by email or go to the book online tab. These sessions can be done remote via FaceTime, Zoom or Skype.

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