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Quantum Biofeedback - How Often Do I Need It?

There's no set answer for how often you may need a biofeedback session. I recommend booking an initial session and see how you feel. Those looking to really make shifts, I recommend 4 weekly sessions to allow the body time to adjust and balance the stressors that that the body needs to balance through the biofeedback. After that? It is really up to you. Here are some things to consider...

Body Aches & Pains

As a massage therapist, an injury to any part of the hand renders the massage therapist pretty useless. I was opening a large package when I felt a zing of numbness shoot down the pad of my thumb. I shook it off and continued to unpack the assembly-required furniture. The next morning, the pad of my thumb ached enough that I wasn't sure I'd be able to do downward dog in my 9am yoga class. Good thing I didn't have any massages booked for the day!

A yoga student recommended a tube of Voltaren (a topical NSAID). Instead of rushing to Costco to get the double pack, I started a Quantum Biofeedback session on myself and laughed when the 5th item down the acute list was "pain med", the 6th was "abductor pollicis brevis", and the 7th was "laughter #1". Clearly, I needed pain med and laughter. I had to take a screen shot to text it to him.

The main function of the abductor pollicis brevis muscle is to abduct the thumb, or move it away from the palm. It is located in the pad of the thumb. I ran the 3 above frequencies, and then went into the nerve panel to send frequency to the nerve, as well. The following morning when I awoke, I noticed the pain was gone. So gone, that I at first I couldn't recall which hand I had injured. I gave a 90 minute massage, followed by a 60 minute massage that afternoon. No sign of injury/pain or discomfort. My hand was completely healed.

Am I Getting Sick?

A biofeedback client sent me a text last week requesting a remote session. This is the perfect example of when to check-in and request a tune-up session:

I ran her session and then her husband reached out later in the day: "Good evening Carrie. I might have the start of a nasal thing if you can run some frequency on me please!" Bright and early the next day, I received a text at 7:12am: "Feeling good today, so is [wife]. Thank you!"

I have also run sessions on clients at the onset of COVID to speed up recovery- from mild to severe and long-haul systems.

Weight Control

I get on the scale every day. Most days, I have a pretty good idea of what my weight will register given my eating habits 1-3 days prior. I go up and down 2-3 lbs, easily. Up, easier than down. One of my favorite panels is the Cosmetic Panel where I can run frequency for the following:

  • Thinning Hair

  • Skin Lesions

  • Warts & Moles

  • Total Face Toning

  • Skin Detox

  • Cellulite

  • Weight Control

For a solid month, I have weighed in at the same weight every the tenth of a pound...with no effort to sustain my weight. My face is thinner. My clothes are fitting more loosely. My workouts outside of massage have really dropped off. I'm not eating super healthy either. It's nice to know when I re-engage with exercise and back to an anti-inflammatory diet, I expect I'll be able to drop another 10 lbs with ease.

Skin Conditions

When my daughter noticed a bump on her back/inner leg a couple of months ago and asked me to take a look, it was small...maybe a mole, a wart, an ingrown hair? Suddenly, it got much larger. And angry. Day 1, morning of July 29th, she let me take a photo and run a session on her. Later in the day she called to say it seemed like it was "sinking". Okay, good. Day 2, July 30th on a Saturday, a large area was now red and warm. I told her we'd go to the doctor Monday if it wasn't better. Day 3, July 31st, the redness subsided and a more purple-ish ring was around it, so I ran another session that evening. She got in the shower a little later and it erupted! Skip the image below if you don't like icky things.

It is now fully healed. You may notice the smaller raised skin conditions (how the big one started out and visible in the photos) have disappeared, as well, after a 3rd session.

Concussion & Migraine

A recent teen client, who has experienced multiple concussions, was in the thick of recovering from his most recent head injury. As the session started, his discomfort was visible with grimaces and fidgeting. After running "concussion" in the Sports/Injury panel, I searched "headache" specifically, and ran frequency on the conditions associated with headache from his scan. I looked over and he was fast asleep. His dad sent me a text yesterday, "BTW, looking back, the only time [son] relaxed and fell asleep was during your session with him. The concussion clinic said this is not a standard concussion. We have many tests to run over the next 2 weeks."


While we may have cleared up some allergies in a prior session, different things are blooming at different times of the year. If you notice some allergy symptoms, we can do an updated scan to see what you may be reacting to at the moment.

Along those lines, if you are reacting to any products, you can make an appointment to test individual items on the test plate. I especially like this for face care products, as I have very sensitive skin. It is also appropriate for cleaning products, other personal care products, essential oil blends, your particular animal's hair, supplements and more.

Vitamins & Minerals & Hormones

Speaking of supplements, the Vitamin & Mineral panel is great for balancing your needs for vitamins, amino acids and minerals. I like to use this example: a pill of magnesium is holding the frequency of magnesium, so you can take the pill...or take the frequency. Food for thought. Don't forget about checking in on the hormones, as needed.

Endless Possibilities

What are some other "extras" you might not have considered? Graying hair, muscle toning, oxygen stimulation, contusions (heal bruises faster), inner peace, inner guidance, balance the chakras, find out the color of your aura, discover the gemstones that are right for you, collagen & elastin, ADD & ADHD, psychic protection, balance the brainwaves, test environmental toxins, release effects of chemotherapy, radiation and medications, TMJ, addiction, bi-polar, frostbite, post-surgery, flexibility stimulation, focus mind/body, sore muscles, transcendence. Do I have your attention yet? The possibilities are endless.


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