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Original Thought - Is it Real?

I had a creative blog for many years. I'd post about crafts and parties and baked goods and home decor. I am gifted in many artistic mediums and could easily visualize how something would probably turn out. I enjoyed the more anonymous attention of displaying my talents on a blog. In real life, I'd downplay my homeroom party treats to my friends and acquaintances so they wouldn't feel bad about themselves if they couldn't decorate the perfect cookie.

I love the creative process. I love bringing an idea to life and then stepping back at its completion and admiring or even bewilderment, "huh, I did that." My first inclination that it wasn't me brining the vision forward came at a time when Pinterest was just taking off. A woman had created a certain cookie design and she felt she wasn't receiving the proper credit as the design was created and recreated many times over. Others were capitalizing on "her idea" and she was quite miffed, to say the least.

From that point on, I'd search online when I'd have an "original" idea to make sure it hadn't already been created. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to upset someone else's brilliance. All I could think about was, "What if there is someone in Romania 20 years ago who already came up with this? How can the other woman think that over all of the years, across the whole globe, that someone else hasn't already come up with that idea, and made it, but didn't post it on a blog?" It made me start to wonder where creativity comes from.

Then I started learning about the Akashic Records. Every idea and experience from everyone from all of time is contained within the Akashic Records. Is that the place we are tapping into when we "come up" with a new idea or product or design or invention? How is it decided who gets the intel? The inside information? The next best invention?

I've since learned that "my ideas" are often downloaded. I didn't come up with the idea to host my first wellness retreat. I thought it was me, when in fact, a participant's late husband downloaded the idea to me. Trust me, I wanted to take full credit until he showed me otherwise during a meditation on the second night while I was teaching them how to connect with their spirit guides. It only took a split second in our time for him to rewind to show me how it all unfolded and how it was orchestrated through me so that he could communicate with his wife from beyond. And not just the general concept of the retreat, pretty much every little detail. Oh well. I appreciated the confirmation that I was able to receive the download more than I wanted the credit for hosting a well-thought out retreat.

This idea allows us to celebrate other people's accomplishments and ideas, achievements and awards, instead of feelings of jealousy or inadequacy. More camaraderie and less competition.

Yay! They got a download!

I am open to receiving my next download.

Most of my creative ideas have come to me during a trail run or bike ride (some kind of moving meditation) when I was in the state of flow. I recall an afternoon where I needed to come up with an idea to promote March Madness with a basketball themed snack food as a sponsored post. I went for a run and pretty soon I figured out how I'd make basketball quesadillas with a hoop out of a black snack cup for a dip like guacamole. How would I make it look like a hoop though? Oh, fondant. I could use white fondant and cut out a net. Boom. Done.

Slam dunk!

How many times do you think you've been closed from receiving that next idea? How many times do you think you've missed the message? What will you create next, now that you have an awareness of how "it" comes to you?

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