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Nada Yoga - Yoga of Sound

Remain as still as possible, listening internally with sustained attention. If you can be inwardly quiet enough and deeply absorbed in the search, you will, if you are truly persistent, suddenly become aware of an unusual, feeble sound that can be heard deep inside the ears and head, concealed from you before and obscured by the din of your incessant mental restlessness. When you become aware of the mysterious presence in you of this sound, you may at first be struck with surprise and awe, but no matter how weak or distant it may appear, it will be very obvious that this is no ordinary sound but a mystical one of a higher cosmic order. It could be called the primordial sound... The first time the seeker hears this mystical sound when meditating, it may be very faint indeed... And... it may keep disappearing and reappearing every so often... Do not be disheartened at this but persistently look for it, again and again. –Edward Salim Michael

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