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My Session with Jack Stucki

I attempted to make sense of my session with Jack for a long time. My aunt had gifted me a session for my birthday one year and I wasn't entirely sure exactly what we were going to be doing, as she couldn't quite explain it either. She had a session with him a year prior and returned with the spirit photography images to ask my thoughts. "I think that face looks like my dad...weird," I said of one of the overlaying faces. She replied, "This is supposed to show you the spirits and energies surrounding you."

We made the 5.5 hour drive to Beulah, Colorado on a gorgeous fall day in October. We were to meet Jack in town for him to drive us the rest of the way to his property. I laughed when I noticed the license plate on his immaculate white Mercedes SUV: Merkaba (which means light vehicle).

After introductions with his lovely wife, Jack ushered me to the healing studio to go first, pausing to show me the portal to the west. "Just above that mountain, there's a portal. A doorway. I'll show you inside," he spoke a bit faster than my mind could comprehend as he explained the device on the front deck held some kind of crystal technology he was called to build. I got caught on "crystals" as a dog would get caught on "squirrel". He picked up right away that I have strong chakra energy coming from my hands. "I am a massage therapist, so that's good." He nodded as though that makes sense.

He thumbed through some books, spilling information that I could have spent days upon days absorbing with him. He showed me the photographed portal in one of the books. Yep, it was a though there is a doorway above that mountain. He quickly explained the device he was called to build in order to amplify the energy need to capture the image. My mind raced to keep up with his frequency. He asked me to tell him more about me. When I mentioned I am a medium and QHHT practitioner, he said had been at conferences with Dolores Cannon.

He had me climb into a reclined black leather chair that he had specially designed for the sound healing he was about to perform. He explained the chair is reclined at a 51 degree angle which is the angle the body is the most receptive. The same angle as the pyramids. He placed headphones over my ears and I felt the vibrations of the sounds coming through the chair. He took his seat at the controls- maybe something you see in a sound studio. I was repeating to myself, "I am open to receive," as he began chanting and integrating sounds: like a didgeridoo and light language. I was glad I was already familiar with light language at this point. It was all very galactic and seemed to echo to my soul.

After the sound session, he had me move over to another specially designed light/crystal/inflating framed bed for the chromotherapy. He placed electrodes on my forehead and headphones with music over my ears. I closed my eyes and could hear some flicker of the light fixtures at times. All of a sudden, it was as though every nerve in my lower spine lit up! It wasn't a nerve pain response, it was more like feeling connected all the way to the nerves.

I saw very vivid imagery of a powerful female avatar. She had jet black coiffed hair- a short bob with bangs. There were colors of blue and white swirling around her like a phoenix rising. She was an aspect of me. Powerful, feminine, divine. Isis came to mind. She was showing herself on my left side. As I just searched an image of Goddess Isis (which I hadn't done until now), this image caught my attention right away. Take away the gold head piece and adornments- very similar.

In the meantime, the bed is rising and falling. It would inflate and my chest would open up right along with it and then slowly deflate and it felt as though I was being cradled in a cloud. When the session ended, Jack had me walk out to the back deck of the studio. I felt like the trees were moving towards me, as though they were leaning in. Jack was standing next to me like he knew what I was experiencing. "I feel so connected to nature right now."

I spent time at the labyrinth during my aunt's session. I had a book with me but I don't recall actually reading any of the pages. We had lunch with Jack and his wife in their home. "What was all that?" I asked, trying to wrap my human mind around it all. When I experience something profound, I want to learn it and be able to offer it to others. This...this I couldn't even quite explain. He laughed, "You got Jacked!" That's all the explanation I was given and surrendered to the idea that's all I needed to know. I asked Jack who comes to see him- where are his clients from (I'm wondering Denver? Colorado Springs?) He said his clients come in from around the world.

My aunt brought up the spirit photography and Jack said we could do that after lunch. He had to turn on the luminator to amplify the energy in the studio. Using an old school polaroid camera, he snapped 3 images at varying levels of energy amplification. The image overlaid of my grandfather's face is the same as a photograph in my dad's basement. Before we left, he showed us a fractal music project he had been working on with a digital artist.

As we drove back home discussing our sessions and attempting to make sense of it all, a large lenticular cloud was beside us for many, many miles. I explained it away as a lenticular cloud, at the time. But now I know more.

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