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Magic and Mediumship

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

My good friend Jeff passed away in January. He battled a brain tumor on and off for years. During a period of remission, I let him know, "If you do die, don't worry, you can still communicate through me." His eyes enlarged and he asked what I meant. "I can connect to spirits who have passed."

From there, we had several conversations about death. I told him more stories of my mediumship experiences. He'd sit there and say, "you're shitting me," trying to wrap his head around the undeniable evidence spirits would bring through as I'd make the connections- like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. He asked if I was afraid of one of my children dying, like my son. He has a son and two daughters close to the ages of my son and daughter. I said no. He shook his head trying to fathom the ease of my answer.

At first, mediumship came through to me in small fragments. I'd experience a physical sensation or a flash of a silhouetted image. Words or phrases would repeat in my head until I acknowledged it as a message. I've even experienced smells. The first time I connected with my friend Jill, who passed from breast cancer a few years ago, I got a whiff of Burger King in the room. I was in a room with others and asked if they could smell Burger King,"You know, the flame broiled smell?" Nope, just me.

"It's my friend Jill," I announced to the room. Jill and I used to go to Burger King after school and share an apple pie dessert. I felt a tugging at my leggings before the BK smell- the same leggings I wore when I participated in her memorial 5k race. My eyes were drawn to the hoodie of someone else in the room with large numbers "94". We graduated high school in '94. Confirmed, it was Jill.

I've never been much of a game person, but this was fun. After a while, I didn't need little clues as much, as I could drop into telepathic communication fairly easily. I attribute that to being a twin and experiencing "twin telepathy" with my twin sister. The telepathy is sometimes delivered to me in a thought block that the human mind must take time to break down into language form. It's like my soul recognizes what is being said instantly, and then my human mind has to catch up.

I told Jeff a couple of years ago to make it obvious to me when he was ready to connect from beyond. I didn't know until after he passed that he was an incredible magician. I was a bit dumbfounded that I never knew as eulogy after eulogy spoke of his magic. Last week we hosted a large event at work and a magician was part of the welcome dinner. The golf pro showed me a video of a magic trick the magician was performing and told me to watch the mens' expressions. Big gasps and laughter. Shock and awe!

I was in meditation later that day when Jeff popped up in my mind's eye. Literally jumped into the dark frame from the left side of my view in a flash. Young boy, dark hair, hands like ta-dah! I was like "Well, there you are. It's about time." I saw him walk up to me to put his forehead against mine to download information as he said, "you were right!" He gave me a message for his son and I reached out to the family.

The day I was going to be meeting with Jeff's wife and daughter, the thought block began to unravel. Jeff showed me that magic is a lot like mediumship by brining my attention back to the magician's video. People can be in disbelief or shock and awe during and after a magic trick. It's the same with mediumship. The magician doesn't try to convince the audience that it's real- that's not the magician's job. Everyone is capable of learning magic or mediumship. What makes a good magician and a good medium is honing the skill. It's not meant to trick or deceive, but to open the human mind to infinite possibility.

Possibility is endless.

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