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Hypnosis. Is it Hocus Pocus?

We go into light hypnosis, or trance, when we listen to music, when we are out in nature and even while we are driving. When you are watching television, you can slip in and out of the alpha brain wave state within a matter of seconds. We enter a state of alpha constantly throughout the day. It is a very natural process. Staying in our ego, our conscious mind, is actually trained. The essence of our being is to slide into these states of trance.

When people think of hypnosis, they often think of a show where volunteers walk up to a stage who "go to sleep" on command and perform silly tasks when given certain cues. Stage hypnosis is meant to put on a show and provide entertainment. QHHT is very different and very specific to the individual. It is private. The interview is very in-depth. Your practitioner is trained to interview and ask the right questions. The practitioner needs to understand who is in your life, key events and pivotal moments in order to gain more understanding for what may be revealed during your hypnosis session.

There is a beautiful connection formed between the practitioner and client which allows the client to more easily slip into the state of theta. Theta is the brain wave state that occurs twice a day naturally; just as you are waking from sleep and just before you fall asleep. The practitioner is trained to elongate theta from a minute or two (or even seconds), into a 2 hour experience where you are diving in and exploring the full content of your soul- what your soul is trying to tell you- with your subconscious mind giving you the most relevant information for where you are in this moment in your life. QHHT is an extremely current, relevant and powerful experience for healing and gaining clarity of any issue you may be facing.

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