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Hunter's Moon (Huntress Full Moon)

Preparing for the cold months, the Hunter's Full Moon is a symbol to gather sustenance for the winter that lies ahead. After reaping under the Harvest Moon, the fields would flatten, allowing hunters to see the fox and the deer eating the fallen grains. The Hunter's Moon rises soon after sunset, giving the hunter more time to see under the light of the moon.

Bird's Eye

In Hindu Mythology, Arjuna, son of Indra, is the greatest archer of the time. One day, his teacher, Dronacharya, gathered all of his subjects for a test. Placing a wooden bird on a tree, Drona called on Yudhistra. Upon drawing the bowstring, Drona asked Yudhistra what he saw. He saw the bird, the leaves, the branch and the tree. Drona told Yudhistra to back off and not to shoot. Next, he called on his other pupils. One-by-one, they gave the same responses, and each time, Drona instructed each to lay down their bow. Drona called on Arjuna. With his bow bent, Arjuna was asked what he saw. Arjuna said he saw the eye of the bird, and eye of the bird only. Drona was impressed and ordered Arjuna to shoot. Arjuna's arrow pierced the bird's eye and struck off the head of the bird. Drona was pleased.

The Task at Hand

Thinking of the bird's eye view, the higher perspective, can you empty your mind of the leaves, the branches, the other people standing around? Separate the distractions from the goal. When you clear out the clutter, all of the sudden there is a direct line to the target. At this crucial time on our planet, we are called to put the chaos aside and place our single-pointed focus on the task at hand- the higher perspective.

Be the Huntress

In the energy of the full moon, we are asked to release. Let go. What can you clear away, so that as you take aim at your can't. miss? Keep your eye on the prize.

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