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Harvest Full Moon

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The Harvest Full Moon falls on the full moon closest to Fall equinox. This is an Aries full moon and asks you to really check in with who you are now and how you are changing. Emotionally tune-in to what feels accurate to you. It is an immediate feeling. Aries energy works fast.

Quick Insights

The full moon is an illuminating moon- the brightest of the month. It is loving, empowering energy. Receive a new understanding of what is healing within you. Expect quick insights: the kind that hit you in the gut. Something is clear that you are moving through. Aries wants to assert itself; it has courage and confidence. You are developing the courage to be yourself in a whole new way. This moon is opening up some new messages that support what you need to know about yourself at this state in your life.

Ruled by Mars

Mars is retrograde and yet Mars is stunted right now because of the ongoing square to the planets in Capricorn. The retrograde is a pause, a delay, so it can feel like you are fighting something bigger than you. Team Capricorn is powerful. Internal healing energies (not visible) are occurring. Take energy out into the world with purpose, commitment.

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