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Evolution of a Practitioner

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

I started looking into biofeedback systems after doing a series of allergy treatments with local chiropractor, Dr. Bruce Wignall, from the Eagle Valley Holistic Clinic in the spring of last year. It was a particularly bad year for snow mold. Unusually low temps in February held the snow all the way until late March- which built up more mold between the snow and the grass. As the snow melts, and the wind picks up, the mold swirls in the air and you inhale the mold.

I had been to Dr. Wignall 6 years prior at the suggestion of what seemed like everyone in the Vail Valley. I was all of a sudden allergic to tomatoes and every form of corn, including high fructose corn syrup and corn meal, to go along with my allergies to lavender, aloe, eucalyptus, wool, mangoes, dog/cat saliva, mold, dust mites, grass, pollens, etc. I had been allergic to aloe since I was a child, but everything else started popping up by twos in my 20s and 30s.

My daughter had become very astute at detecting the fragrance of lavender in store aisles and sniff-testing products for me (fragrances are often proprietary and not listed on ingredient labels). She would step in front of me on a trail when a dog approached. One little lick from a dog and I'd welt up and feel like a hundred needles were poking in my eyeballs. Sometimes I'd forget to ask a server, "Are there any mangoes, tomatoes or corn in this?" and one of my allergens would show up a garnish not listed on the menu description. A tiny bit of juice from a tomato would ruin my day.

The night before going on a local TV station to be interviewed for work, I walked by a door opening in the gym after someone had used eucalyptus oil in the enclosed steam room. Ut oh, this would be bad. My eyes were nearly swollen shut the next morning and I had about an hour and a half to figure out how to get to the interview and look somewhat normal. I tossed 2 soaked green tea bags into the freezer and hoped for the best. That was the day I knew it was time to take the Dr. Wignall recommendations that usually came with: "I'm not sure how the treatments work, but they work."

The treatment plan was extensive (40 things to balance!) and more than once I felt like I was being taken. There was very little communication throughout the sessions and treatments. Do I really need to balance salt and minerals before we can balance tomatoes? Each treatment was a separate $70 charge. 40 x $70 adds up quickly. The treatments involved avoiding the allergen for 24 hours following the treatment, so I passed on the mold, grass, pollens...basically anything connected with being outside because I knew I could not avoid walking outside for 24 hours. I could mostly continue to avoid dogs or cats at the time, so I skipped that series, as well.

My allergies didn't go away entirely following the treatments, but I wasn't as sensitive to lavender and aloe. I could walk down the aisle of the grocery store that contained essential oils instead of avoiding a 2 aisle radius. I could eat cooked tomatoes, but not raw tomatoes. I could eat most forms of corn, but not kernel corn. I continued taking allergy pills most days. If I woke up at 2am with an itchy throat, I'd pop an allergy pill. I had allergy pills in my night stand, my car, my desk- basically with me at all times.

Fast forward to last Spring and my allergies to corn, lavender and other things that were somewhat desensitized 6 years prior were returning in full-force. I was also now the loving human servant to two long-haired ragdoll cats. My system was on absolute overload! My allergy symptoms changed yearly; from itchy throat to itchy palms/soles of the fee the next year, to throbbing teeth the next year, to the latest version which was asthma and chronic rhinitis. Could I please go back to itchy throat? At least I could fall asleep with an itchy throat. Even my skin looked tired. I couldn't use a single product on my face without reacting- no lotions, moisturizers or even coconut oil. My allergy pills weren't working at all.

The night I couldn't fall asleep for even a minute was the day I called Wignall's office again. This time I didn't care what I had to spend just to be able to breathe again. Lack of sleep will do a number on a person! The treatment protocol changed- no longer requiring the 24 hour avoidance. I did every single treatment on the treatment plan including balancing the emotions, the 7-day cleanse, the expensive supplements and followed the anti-inflammatory diet for months to follow. Results: I dropped 14 pounds, didn't have to take a single allergy pill and felt like I had my life back!

During that time, I also started looking into the BioScan system that Dr. Wignall uses, as I suspect he'll retire sooner than later. At the last minute, considering a sizable investment, I decided to be more prudent and take a look at what other systems are out there. Through that process, I found what I believe is a much more comprehensive system. In addition, I have carefully priced the sessions so they are more accessible to more people. My approach as a practitioner is not to squeeze as many sessions as I can get out of you. I don't want you to have to decide cats and dogs go on the back burner!

My approach is more like my intuitive approach: Get It, Give It, Get Out. Get the information through the tri-vector analysis of over 7,000 frequencies, address the greatest stressors on your body/mind/spirit by giving you the corrective frequency, and then get out of the way so you can self-adjust- the way the body was designed- and get back to living your best life.

I've been working with this system for 7 months now and have helped so many people with remarkable improvement to headaches/migraines, emotions, hormones, allergies, vitamins/minerals, fungus/parasites/bacteria, bones, muscle injury and soreness, joint pain, arthritis, TMJ, ADD/ADHD, insomnia, back pain, sciatica, digestive issues, numbness, sinuses, addictions, nerve pain, releasing effects of chemo/radiation, tinnitus, skin conditions, dental pain, fever, long-haul symptoms, wound healing, post-surgery, asthma, concussions, sprains, short term injuries, long term injuries, chronic fatigue...I can keep going. The short answer is, "Yes, there's a frequency for that."

My extensive training as a massage therapist and knowledge/understanding of the body, anatomy, systems and energy field have allowed for a natural addition of Quantum Biofeedback to my repertoire of healing modalities. Quantum Biofeedback is my preferred starting point to discover real-time stressors on your body/mind/spirit. Massage therapy, energy healing, sound healing, yoga, meditation and fitness are all practices and tools to help maintain stress management to keep the body in equilibrium. You are your own healer and this process is the perfect process to reveal, that armed with a little knowledge and know-how, you are the empowered healer!

Here are some of my favorite panels to work from:

Acu-Meridian: Meridians are the body's healing energy pathways.

Allergy: Potential sensitivities and allergy imbalances.

Aging-Miasms: DNA stress factors & age level the body is functioning/responding energetically.

Ayurveda: Ancient healing system based on doshas.

Biofeedback/Gemstones: Fractal images & identifying gemstone energy vibration needed for balancing.

Bones: Biospecific stress & anatomical

Brain: Brain waves, hemisphere energetic imbalances (also ADD/ADHD stress potential).

Chromosomes & Gene: Genetic imbalance or genetic potential for stress.

Circulation/Heart: Biospecific stress & anatomical.

Color/Chakra: Stress potential on the energy centers of the body & aura color.

Cosmetic: Thinning hair, skin lesions, facial toning, skin detox, cellulite, weight control.

Dental: Stressors related to individual teeth, dental material or dental disorder including TMJ

Detox: Environmental & Industrial, Pathogens, Personal & Self-Induced Stress Factors.

Digestive: Biospecific stress & anatomical

Dimensional: Past life portal.

Ears/Eyes: Biospecific stress & anatomical.

Emotional Transformation/Timeline: Stress factors by emotion/conflict/relationship/age.

Hormone: Balance for male specific or female specific hormones.

Iridology: Patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris reveal systemic health.

Lymph: Biospecific stress & anatomical.

Muscles: Biospecific stress & anatomical (includes muscles, cartilage, ligaments).

Nerves: Biospecific stress & anatomical.

Neuro-Emotional Profile: Unconscious Self-Evaluation Hint & Underlying Emotions.

Organs: Potential stress of individual organs.

Respiratory: Biospecific stress & anatomical.

Rife Frequencies

Sinus/Throat: Biospecific stress & anatomical.

Spinal: Potential stress of individual vertebra.

Sport Injury: Biospecific & Injury/Trauma (including concussion, strain, dislocation, fracture).

Vitamins/Minerals: Potential stress of individual nutrients of minerals, amino acids and vitamins.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. Sessions can be done remotely through the metaspace function- allowing you to experience a session from anywhere in the world!

Disclaimer: The system is designed to be used as a Bio-feedback, Stress Management and Muscle Relaxation Device. It is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat or cure disease. Also, biofeedback technology personnel do not diagnose, treat, prescribe or claim to cure any disease. Clients are advised that they should consult their own medical professionals for the diagnosis, care and treatment of all health conditions.

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