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Everything is Intention

I was doing a session the other day and the client mentioned that people are easily attracted to her. She felt a little uneasy as though she was bragging, but I knew what she meant. It's not a physical attraction as much as an energetic attraction. In her view, she is included in every function, social gathering, celebration and more in her wide friend group. People buzz all around her and she kind of feels bad that she's not super attached to these people.


While a nice problem to have- inclusion- it sounded exhausting to me as an introvert. The message I had received only moments prior is that her energy is very open in the upper chakras and she doesn't particularly like grounding on an energetic level. I was shown why people are drawn to her. When she spoke of being excluded from something recently, she teared up and said she didn't know why it hit her so hard.

I couldn't hold back my chuckle because the answer immediately arrived, "The universe gave you what you wanted and you didn't recognize it for what it is..." She looked at me a bit confused. "You said you are tired from being included in everything, but when you were removed, you took it as a hit."

The light bulb went off. She smiled.

Sometimes we miss these clues or cues. We dismiss intuitive hits. We pass right by the signs. I continued, "When you ask the universe for something, but you are not open to receiving the subtle messages, the energy will eventually come in a way to knock you off your feet. This time, you didn't get invited to a party. Next time, it could be an illness that sidelines you and demands your free time."

"You got what you wanted. Thank the universe. Stay open for the next message and the next and the next."

If your thoughts are sending the message that everyone needs you for something, then guess what? Everyone will need something from you. The moment the awareness is created, shifts can happen! We talked about being comfortable saying, "no thank you." We did a meditation to call her energy back from all people, places and things. She left feeling light and refreshed.

Life becomes very interesting (even entertaining) when you are tuned into the energy. You begin to see things from a different perspective. You begin to release judgement and insecurities and fear. You laugh at yourself. You begin to see why you draw certain experiences, people and situations to you. You see dramas play out around you, but you are shielded, protected in the awareness.

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