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Dragon Energy

Dragons are elementals: fire, earth, air and water. They are from the 4th dimension- close and more accessible to us in the 3rd dimension. Angels are in the 7th dimension. Dragons help get rid of lower energies, burning/cleansing everything around you. Here's how to work with the dragons:

Fire Dragons are red/orange. They are powerful at clearing lower energies. Send them anywhere, including past lives to clean up any blocks. Calls on the fire dragon to travel with you at night in your dreams and they will clear nightmares for you. Ask fire dragons to travel with you to clear the path ahead on your journey.

Earth Dragons are brown. They clear energy under the home, under your office space, shops, war zones. Anywhere negativity has seeped into the ground, they'll clear it out. They keep us grounded. They can help with gardening. If something is blocking you or holding you back, ask the earth dragon to remove the block. Ask the earth dragon to clear any ley lines (Earth's energy grid) and keep the ley lines of the earth clear. They are the home portal of light coming down into the home. Ask the earth dragon to hold the energy of this portal to hold it into place until it is permanent, so great beings of light can come into your home.

Air Dragons are blue, the color of the sky. They carry the highest vision for the earth. Air is communication. The energy is light and happy, calm, relaxed, lighter, full of inspiration. Air dragons puff the higher energy, lightness and higher integrity over you. They clear your aura of any stuck energy like wind blowing it away. Air dragons can keep the flow of energy moving through your home, bringing new inspiration to life. Ask the air dragon to energize your next step. Work with wind to push out any stuck energy.

Water Dragons are green. They move with the current challenge. Use the water dragon to help with exchanges, initiations. Call on your water dragon to help maintain Christ light where ever they are and to keep Christ light flowing. Water dragons help develop psychic ability. Ask the water dragon to help go around your obstacles.

Guided Meditation

"Help me to feel the energy of the dragons. I call on the energy of the fire dragon, to set a wall of fire in front of me to burn off any lower energy. I set this wall of fire around myself, my home, my family. Clear any lower energy, including moving through past life corridors to remove blocks from the past. I call on the energy of the earth dragon to clear the energy under my home, clear and heal the ley lines. Help keep me grounded and connected to the earth. I call on the energy of the air dragon to inspire me, to help me communicate and to clear my aura of any stuck energy. I call on the water dragon to move around and between the spaces of my torso and arms, around my hips, legs, around my head. Help me to develop my psychic abilities."

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