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Creating a Vision Board

Have you ever created a vision board? I hadn't, until it was an assignment for a course I was taking from an intuitive teacher. There's something about stating goals that I've never particularly cared for, but I was invested in the course so I forced myself to get it done. The visions board felt fake to me until I followed it up with the next exercise/meditation to repeat the statements, view the vision board it in a particular sequence, over and over and faster and faster.

The thing with creating a vision board is that things start showing up. All of a sudden, what you envision, comes to you. That whole Law of Attraction. The Bengston Method. Dr. Joe Dispenza. It's all the same. You have to feel what it feels like to already have it in your life. Then BOOM! It shows up. It doesn't always show up in the exact way you may anticipate, but it shows up.

If I've learned anything from my intuitive work, it's that our language is powerful. If you wish for something you don't have, you are highlighting the lack and lack is more of what you will receive. For example, if you wish for good health and you are already healthy, you must first become unhealthy in order to experience good health. Be careful what you wish for!

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