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Busyness doesn't cut it anymore

Busyness simply doesn't cut it anymore. Our schedules were radically changed a few months ago with the quickly spreading global pandemic. Offices were closed. Events were cancelled. School was out. Sports went away. Everything extra-curricular we've been forced to believe we "need", went on hold. Families became locked-in together. No where to go. No where to escape. Forced to cook at home for days on end with the sparse ingredients offered on grocery shelves. Replay in your mind how you handled this time. How others around you handled this time.

As with most professions, I made a work pivot from home. My group fitness classes immediately transitioned to Zoom. My living room became my fitness studio. My daily in-person interaction dropped from dozens, to two teenagers. I figured out ways to engage people and help them stay connected by being apart. I hosted Zoom scavenger hunts, cooking competitions, charades and social hours and then duplicated it to host family Zoom events with my parents and 5 siblings and 20 nieces and nephews.

I made myself available 14 hours a day by email, text and phone to answer the influx of questions and relieve my guilt of being paid to be at home all day. No need to book massages- those were off the table. Aside from the enormous amount of energy it took to be on live stream with double my usual class load, I was loving it. No rides needed to and from volleyball practice. No travel to figure out for the next tournament. No season social events to plan. No activities programming to develop to entertain 270 families all summer. My only question: "can we keep it this way for awhile?"

Space was created whether we were ready for it or not. I know everyone experienced good and bad with this transition. We lost some freedoms, some past-times, some vacations, some travel. What did you gain?

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